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bbq chicken hoagies

Sandwich kind of day y'all 🤤 BBQ chicken hoagies #bbq #hoagie #sandwich #thursday

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1 lb Simply Natural Chicken Breast
BBQ Sauce
Webbers BBQ Spice Blend
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Black Pepper
Hoagie Bread
Toppings of Choice

Islamic method of slaughtering animals: Scientific Not Inhumane

…the Islamic method of slaughtering is not only humane but also scientifically the best:

gound beef keema

cooklikeurmama Chronicles of desi food made easy : KEEMA (ground beef) super easy and delicious with rice or naan! #keema #groundbeef #desifood #forlife

1lb simply natural ground beef
1 onion diced
2 tomatoes diced
cumin seeds
coriander powder
garam masala
cumin power
fenugreek leaves (methi)
tomato paste


Quick tasty kabobs/burgers #tender #juicy #kabobs #burger #onthego

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Simply Natural Halal Ground Beef
Tomato Sliced
Cucumber Sliced
Colby Jack Cheese
Baby Spinach
Mayo, Mustard, etc.
Toppings of Choice

Garlic/Ginger Paste
Coriander Powder
Shan Kabab Mix
Bread Crumbs
1 Egg

chipotle burrito


Simply Natural Chicken Breast Cubed
Burrito Wraps
Sour Cream
Uncle Bens Rice
Tomato Diced
Cucumber Diced
Colby Jack Cheese

Onion Powder
Garlic Blend

quick chicken qorma

Quick chicken Qorma when you don't got timmmmeee fo dat 😎 under 20 minutes! #quick #desi #food

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Simply Natural Chicken Breast – Cubed
Large onion
Garlic ginger paste
Coriander powder
Cumin powder
Red chili flakes
Garam masala
Cup of yogurt

kung pao chicken – quick recipe

Kung Pao chicken - quick delish to satisfy any takeout craving #asian #better #athome #stirfry

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Simply Natural Chicken Breast cubed
Few tbsp flour
Soy sauce
Peanuts chopped
Sesame seeds
Kung pao sauce
Black pepper
Sweet chili sauce
Soy sauce
Corn starch
Ginger powder
White pepper powder
Brown sugar
Chili paste
Spring onions
Minced garlic

You Are What Your Animals Eat

In my investigation into pasture-based farming, I’ve stumbled upon an alarming state of affairs: few animal scientists see any link between animal feed and human food. “Feed animals anything you want,” say the experts, “and it makes no difference to their meat, milk, or eggs.” Because of this mindset, our animals are being fed just about anything that enhances the bottom line, including chicken feathers, sawdust, chicken manure, stale pizza dough, potato chips, and candy bars.

Confused About Fat? Choose Grassfed

In my Grandma’s day, there was no such thing as a bad fat. All fat was “good” simply because it tasted good. My Grandma fried her eggs in bacon grease, added bacon grease to her cakes and pancakes, made her pie crusts from lard, and served butter with her homemade bread. My grandmother was able to thrive on all that saturated fat—but not my grandfather. He suffered from angina and died from heart failure at a relatively young age.

Beyond Organic

Organically certified meat, poultry, and dairy products are now available at your local supermarket. When you see the green USDA organic label, you know the food is going to be free of pesticide residues, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and genetically-modified grain. Compared with ordinary meat, this is a step in the right direction.