Our mission is to provide Tayyib (Pure/Wholesome) and Halal (Permissible) meat to businesses and families. Also to be protectors of the meat supply by ensuring that our animals are treated in the best manner from the beginning of their lives, after they have been harvested, and up to the time you recieve it.

About Us

The founders of this company are a group of individuals whose similar beliefs led them to work together in an effort to improve the quality of our meat supply which they believe is tainted by the mass production of meat sources. The desire by meat providers to capture market share and maximize profits has led to meat products that are of less quality and can lead to unanticipated side-effects. This is the direct effect of speeding up an animal’s growth process and feeding it a diet that is out of the animal’s normal consumption habits. While the meat may look and taste the same, the effects to our health are suspect and may not be truly known until we have aged and the results take effect.

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the #1 physical cause of death in humans and the number of global cancer deaths is projected to increase 45% from 2007 to 2030. Some of the cancers that are mentioned which are on the rise in developed and developing countries include cancers of the: prostate, breast, colon, and stomach. All of which are effected by the consumption of food. With some exceptions, most foods that humans consume give us strength by improving our immunity which results in our ability to fend off diseases. Also, in the age of technological advances, you would think the foods we consume would be even more beneficial to us. Unfortunately, it seems that the more developed we get as a nation, the quality of the foods that are available to us, are causing us problems. This has led the founders to simply believe that the food when left alone, is perfect!

Our scholars of faith mention that whatever we eat affects our ability to worship and our behavior with one another. Eating pure foods will lead us to purer hearts, increased faith, and less susceptibly to the whispers of evil. All of which results in an individual more devoted to God Almighty. By the Grace of God, we now have access to this pure food through Simply Natural.

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