Type of Service Description
Simply Natural and Halal All Meat is Harvested from All-Natural Raised Animals and According to Humane Principles
Scholarly Oversight All Meat is Hand Slaughtered by Known Muslims who are either Contractors or Partners of the Company. Oversight of Our Slaughter Process is Conducted by a Traditional Scholar (Sheikh Javid Bhaiyat)
Superb Quality All Meat is Processed in USDA Approved Facilities.
Inquiry Helpdesk Representatives Are Standing By: or 202-656-6328 (MEAT)
Online Ordering Convenient Online Ordering and Payment.  Logon Today:
Phone Ordering Awaiting Your Call:  202-656-6328 (MEAT)
Local Pickup or Home Delivery Local Pickup is Available By Appointment at our Beltsville, MD warehouse. By Appointment Only.

Shipping is also available via Fedex for the Ultimate Convenience of the Active Resident or Business. Shipping Charges Calculated at Checkout.

Professional Packaging All Meat is Frozen and Guaranteed Fresh Upon Arrival to You

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