You Are What You Eat

By Adil Khan

In these modern times we are living in, it seems the more we are becoming “advanced” in technology and scientific research, the more backwards we are going in determining essential priorities of life, especially when it comes to food and drink consumption. Along with our family and children, we eat so much junk food that we rarely eat anything that is wholesome and healthy for our bodies. The problem gets worse when the animal scientists and so-called experts say that, “You can feed animals with anything you want, it won’t make any difference in their meat, milk, eggs, or cheese”. Farm animals are fed just about anything including sawdust, animal feathers, animal manure, and even things like potato chips, stale pizza dough, and candy bars.

In a recent article by Jo Robinson[1], she writes about her research done on farm animals, including cows feeding on stale chewing gum. In it she writes that the animal scientists concluded that the bubblegum diet was a net benefit. In other words, feed a steer a diet that is 30 percent bubblegum and aluminum foil wrappers, and it will be a more efficient eater.

Now, as ridiculous and surprising as it may sound, she even went to Beechnut Gum Factory in upper state New York along with another professor of animal science, and observed for themselves that dairy farms bought truck loads of bubble gum to feed to their cows. And when questioned by the consumer they justify it by saying no need to worry, “the aluminum content is within normal expected ranges”. However, the important fact they don’t mention is what is the nutritional content of the resulting meat?

This article shows that these animal scientists, who work for the government and do scientific research, show very little, if any, concern about the quality of the food that we eat. To them, meat is meat, milk is milk, and eggs are eggs. It has no affect whatsoever on the animal. This is so absurd. Where has our common sense gone? Have we become so dumb and blind that we don’t even see the affects of this on the food we eat? To go on further, a recent study has shown that pasture-raised cattle from Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand that are grass-fed have 20 times more vitamin E than corn or soy fed cattle. Another study from disgruntled Japanese buyers who complained that American beef spoiled more quickly than Australian free-range beef, points out the concern people have about purchasing and consuming quality meat. This is because of the vitamin E content that helps prolong shelf life.
Why don’t the animal scientists have interest in these matters, you and me may question? Simply put, they lack the interest because:

  1. The determination of priorities and the allocation of resources is based on secularist-minded people who are controlling their goals and objectives.
  2. Most of animal research is funded by secular-capitalist companies whose main concern is profit.
  3. Mass production to meet the needs of the general public, where quantity is the concern and not quality.

But the good news is that people are realizing that the government is not the answer to this problem, its people are. It is the people who create the market forces and create opportunities for all others. We must strive for standards that we want for ourselves and our families, not government standards.

In short, life is not just about profit, riches, and fame, but it’s about traditions, values, and morals that we should all be concerned about. The food we consume must be of the highest quality and we must not settle for anything less. We must strive and persevere to keep these traditions and values alive, help our local farms, and continue to satisfy one consumer at a time. Together we can make a difference.

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